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Open A Ketamine Medical Centers Clinic

Ketamine Medical CentersCRUSH THE COMPETITION

The ketamine infusion medical profession is becoming a booming business strategy for physicians.  Because of its success, its more and more competitive, and Synapse gives you the edge to be #1 in your market.

Synapse Pharmaceutical, LP is a specialty marketing company serving ketamine medical clinics across the USA.

It is Simple and Easy, send us your clinic information and we will do the rest. Be #1 in your market!



Ketamine Medical Centers


Synapse provides the following to ensure you have a successful ketamine infusion medical clinic in the most competitive markets: We Provide use of a Trademarked name (Ketamine Medical Centers) with branding.

  1. Using our brand will put you at the top of search engine pages for the important search terms.
  2. Get the Advertising budget of a large company for a small fee.
  3. Clinics will be listed by State and alphabetically on the front page of the KMC website.
  4. If a patient is looking for a Ketamine Clinic they will search the Internet and your brand will be at the top or near the top of the page.
  5. KMC will maintain an active Social Media presence.
  6. We Drive a large volume of patient traffic to your clinic.
  7. We Feature your clinic on a state of the art website.
  8. Supports opening multiple clinics.
  9. Protected territory.
  10. Provide business strategies to expand patient base.
  11. Brochure Design support.
  12. First 2 months are FREE and you can cancel at anytime.


Other benefits of opening a Ketamine Infusion Clinic:

  1. doctorOpen clinics nationwide.
  2. Rename your existing clinic.
  3. A Physician can choose to continue to operate under his/her current clinic name and be listed on the KMC website as an affiliate. 
  4. Manage clinics via videoconferencing.
  5. Use nurse practitioners to manage the clinics.
  6. Training available online or hands on from The Ketamine Institute, Phone: 800-850-6979, Email: [email protected], Sarasota, Florida
  7. Profit Potential Examples: 
        –  1 hour Ketamine Treatment is typically $500.00 and the cost of the Ketamine is $10.00.
        –  One 8 minute TMS theta burst treatment is approximately $300.00 and cost is price of investment in equipment.


The clinic physician/owner provides the following:

  1. The Physician/Owner will pay consultant a monthly fee of $400 per month.

If you want to be a top producing Ketamine Clinic then you cannot afford to miss this company making service. Volume is the key to a top producing clinic and that is what Synapse gives you, high volume of qualified patient traffic.

Open a Ketamine Medical Clinic Today!


Sign up process: Click on the button below, Electronically sign and submit the Terms and Conditions agreement.

Email us your clinic information, physician biography, staff, location, phone number to [email protected] and your clinic will be added to be featured on the KMC website.

Synapse Pharmaceutical will then launch a marketing campaign to drive traffic to your clinic. Limited areas available, act Today.