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Additional Treatments 

We provide additional treatments for a wide variety of medical issues including;


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS is a clinically and effective treatment for depression. The treatment is non-invasive, and does not require anesthesia. TMS is a drug free alternative to antidepressant medication, and is offered to patients either not responding to their medication or who cannot tolerate the side effects.

TMS is a neuromodulation technique that is used for the purpose of modulating brain activity. TMS induces changes in activity of nerve cells by applying rapidly changing or repetitive magnetic fields. The largest clinical trial using TMS for treatment of depression shows that 47% of patients, who have failed to receive improvement from prior antidepressant medication responded to treatment, and 27% received remission, meaning they were no longer clinically depressed.

This service is only offered at participating clinics, call the Ketamine Medical Centers clinic nearest you to schedule an appointment or get a referral.



NAD+ therapy stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which is an active form of a coenzyme that plays a significant role in the chemical reactions within your cells.

NAD+ does the following:

  • Repairs and synthesizes DNA
  • Promotes stem cell production
  • Regulates your circadian rhythms
  • Regulates your body’s stress response
  • Turns fats, carbohydrates, and proteins into usable energy

Your natural levels of NAD+ begin to decrease as you age. If you add disease and sickness to the equation, your NAD+ levels deplete even faster.

Ketamine Medical Centers offer BR+ NAD-Brain Restoration Plus, which is the highest quality NAD+ formulation on the market, to address the following:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Addiction withdrawal, detoxification, and post-acute withdrawal syndrome
  • Autoimmune and autoinflammatory disease
  • Early Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, as well as dementia and CTE ( chronic traumatic encephalopathy)
  • The effects of chemotherapy

The treatment is delivered over the course of two days with an 8-10 hour infusion each day. Lower dose infusions are offered which takes about 1 hour. The patient can choose to have NAD+, Myers Cocktail, and Glutathione administered at the same time thru one IV, the infusion takes less than 2 hours.



The Myer’s Cocktail increases the concentration of several essential vitamins and minerals in your blood to give you an energy boost. The vitamins are delivered intravenously, which creates concentrations in your bloodstream that you can’t get through oral supplements.

The Myer’s Cocktail gives your body the ability to fight back against a number of different conditions, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Brain Fog
  • Chronic Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Aging
  • Addiction Withdrawal

This infusion delivers a powerful punch that re-energizes and restores your body by providing the extra nutrients it needs.


Glutathione Antioxidant Infusion

A glutathione antioxidant infusion is another option in Ketamine Medical Clinics overall health and wellness program. Glutathione is an amino acid that prevents the damage that free radicals, peroxides, lipid peroxides, and heavy metals inflict on your cells. It promotes a healthy immune system, improves skin texture, reduces fatigue and increases energy levels.

If you would like to schedule an IV therapy to improve your mental and physical health call our office today and schedule an appointment.


Intravenous Hydration with Electrolytes

Intravenous (IV) hydration is used to treat moderate to severe cases of dehydration. During IV hydration, fluids will be infused thru an IV catheter placed in your arm. The infusion consists of fluid and electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, and calcium.

Intake of fluids intravenously absorbs rapidly into the body giving immediate relief.

Our IV hydration provides the replacement electrolytes that you need after an illness such as the flu, or excessive sweating from a sporting event, or overexposure to the sun.

If your moderately to severely dehydrated, you don’t need pure water, for the most physiologic replacement you need an electrolyte solution. It’s vital that you replace not only water, but also minerals like calcium, potassium, and sodium. The best way to get electrolytes fast is thru an IV infusion at the Ketamine Medical Centers office.